Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So my modem exploded on Sunday night.

We'd steam cleaned our carpets on Saturday, and had to move all furniture, which included the computer desk, and which included the modem, which meant things got unplugged. Sounds simple enough, right?

Then we went away for the weekend, and when we got back (from an amazing trip with lots to write about), we moved the furniture back in. And I saw all these lovely little cords, and unwound them, and set up the computer again. I thought to myself, I'm going to write all about the things we saw and the things we did, and I'm going to put all these lovely photos up. And I grabbed a nice cord with a nice end bit and plugged it into the modem.

Nothing happened.

And then…

BANG! (Which was super super loud and made me hurl the modem onto the floor. I am not a brave person.)

And then…

SMOKE billowed gently out of the holes of the modem. So sweetly, as though it was just a little campfire, and was waving hello. So nice of it.

Except. I now had a dead modem.

And I still do.

So I borrowed a friend's modem and tried to make it work, but it needs somebody with an actual brain for technology to work it. Medic!

And I've tried to log into my blog with two different iphones. No luck!

And now I'm writing this on my mother's computer, while she waits for me to GET OFF so we can go on our "date." Which will be lovely—I haven't had a date with my mum in a very, very long time.

So I'm going, I'm going already. :)

But I really needed to get onto this blog to say, I'm here! I have things to say! I can't wait to say them! But I'm not going to say them today. Or even tomorrow, unless I manage to figure this all out by then.

I need to go to Modem School. I need me a Teacher! I need to learn me some computer stuff! Where do I enrol????!

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  1. Argh. I am sorry. I hate computer issues!!

    Hoping your modem problems are fixed soon. I need my Helena updates!


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