Friday, November 26, 2010

flight (Part II)


And the other day,

my girl and I talked about maths.

My girl became so afraid, she wept and wept

because she thought I was going to make her do it.

But all we were doing was talking.

I drew a picture of my girl's fear.

I said, I think it looks a bit like this:

because I knew it so, so well.

I held my daughter close and said,

I know how you feel and how hard this must be.

But, if you can,

if you can,

try to not let fear be the boss of you.

You will be amazed at what you can do.

Sometimes and often, my children find a way past their fears.

It is so beautiful when they do.

I try this daily.

Succeeding sometimes…

Keeping close to me

and always,

the promise held in those wings.


My girl,

not to be outdone

drew an amended picture of her fear

So awesome.

She added the rainbow to protect her.

And on the rest of the page
(not in this picture)

wearing capes.

All fearless.

She isn't afraid at all about our trip

or of flying.

Just, in this moment, of maths.

We carry what we carry.

And let go of what we can.


  1. This made me smile. Maybe you could work on Math on the flight.

    I wish you and your girl lived around the corner, and you could both come for tea and we could play in the leaves.

  2. Karen, yes, it would be so lovely to be together, all of us frolicking in the leaves! They should definitely move Alabama and Australia closer together, don't you think?


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