Monday, August 16, 2010

some things

A list of out-of-order things and thoughts, both random and vital

1. I have a cold and have had one for days. I had forgotten what it was like to be sick. Since changing my diet completely two years ago, I think I've had maybe 1/2 a cold. So, I'm ready to be better.

2. We had a family reunion this weekend and I got to tell relative after relative about homeschooling. Each person had questions, and each listened respectfully as I talked about it. I was proud of the fact I knew what I was talking about, and had a considered answer for every question. And perhaps they didn't agree, but they didn't let on. I think my enthusiasm in sharing our adventure and having everyone meet my amazing, funny, interesting kids made any nay-saying impossible. I felt invincible and so lucky.

3. My son wants to be a historian now. He wants to blow everyone away with his knowledge of Greek and Roman history. He said, "I'm going to write such a great book, everyone'll forget all about The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire!"

4. My daughter didn't understand something in maths one day last week. She and I both got a bit funny about that. I, not so cleverly, panicked (the Panic Spiral goes, "Oh, she doesn't know something. She should know it. I'm not doing this right. Perhaps we shouldn't have homeschooled. I suck." Not the most original or clever panic spiral. Wish it could have been more interesting, but I think Panic Spirals are notorious for being Illogical and Dull). As for my girl—after panicking at the maths question and crying—my daughter saw me become lost, freeze into my panic, become stuck. She went and quickly wrote an information report on an African Bird (she really did). Then she came and hugged me. And she said, "But I know 9 + 9 is 18, Mum! I didn't know that before. You taught me that."

5. I saw a movie the other night. I was feeling uncertain, about many things. But then I watched this film, called Away We Go (directed by Sam Mendes). And it was so beautiful. It reminded me that love is all.

(The soundtrack features Alexi Murdoch. His music is incredible. You listen, and joy can't help itself; it has to slip in and curl beside your heart).

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  1. Been there, done that too :) but now I will always be thinking of African Birds while I panic, lol.


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