Friday, August 27, 2010

a new day…

a new day equals:

a talk with a sister—love, kindness, understanding, compassion

an appointment with a doctor

a pact to see someone to talk things through on a regular basis, rain, hail or shine

a big family cuddle on the bed with the children kicking their feet up and laughing

a kiss from my husband. His lips taste of peanut butter

preparing for writers workshop

sun shining

being gently reminded to look for the joy

the kids happily learning, writing reading talking being. Our homeschool land happy and intact

the dog licking himself

the cat scratching at the playroom door

birds calling

asking a friend to hang with my kids while I see the doctor. She saying yes without hesitation

a sleepover tonight with two bouncety kids coming

pizza video night

my kids

my husband


a new day equals…

it is morning, the day is in front of me

let's see what it brings?

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