Saturday, February 23, 2013

This, is what it means to live

The room is dark, but for the lights on the faces of the players,

on their hands as their fingers move
over the keys of the accordion,
the clarinet
the strings of the violin
the skin of the drum.

Their eyes are closed

as the notes lift, into
a tumble a line a swirl,

as the notes make stories,
vivid things I see with my own eyes shut.

I sit
hands folded in my lap
and see

a figure on a dock looking over wild water
the water slate-blue and wind-whipped
no boats or ships in sight

the music changes
and I see

a man struggling up a hill alone
through white-swirled snow that makes
his old cloak flap
he is a cloud, walking

the music changes
and I see

three girls spinning
skirts fanning out in circles
bright red, yellow, stripes of blue

the sight becomes sound becomes the music becomes one

And now my body moves
not consciously
not intentionally
not the toe-tapping, foot-stomping, body-shaking groove of me
rising to dance or doing a jig in my chair
but the here-and-not-here of me,

soul moving.

I've been taken
it seems
in this space,
through and to a dream;

my body follows the spirit it
and I am not here
but floating.

I am in the note
the song

the beat
the drum.

I am in the mist outside
in the sea just below the hill
in the wet sky as it leans
down to kiss the grass.


I see,

vividly and feel,

to the deep to the light to the bone,

this, this,

Is what
it means (it must),
to live.


  1. Wonderful wonderful Helena. 'soul moving'...I wish, oh how I wish to have been there. I loved your comment on my blog. I so agree, I know our kids would just be the best of friends. I wish that was possible. Keilee wants to learn to juggle after watching your boy's great videos. Happy weekend friend so far away. Hugs

  2. This is beautiful, Helena. Just beautiful and so vivid.

  3. This is beautiful....Thank you for sharing it with all of us. XO

  4. If there is a meaning to this thing called living then this must be it... Absolutely beautiful


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