Saturday, April 9, 2011

jazz boy

Today I said to a friend, "It's like my boy goes to homeschool Music School." And it's true!

He spends the equivalent of a school day (minus free time) at our local Conservatorium of Music every week. Plus he practices. Plus he has jam sessions with his dad, plus there are concerts on Friday nights and workshops on the weekends. Perhaps you could fill him up with more music, but then he'd start leaking notes. :)

Last night was another whole night of music—the end of term Jazz Showcase. Kids ran around, going off to hear or play in various bands, laughing and talking on the grass. An espresso van came and served coffee and hot chocolates, and there was a sausage sizzle (such an Oz icon!). You could hear music at three different venues around the Conservatorium. Sound literally poured out of the windows.

My girl watched from the grass outside and danced. We held hands and spun in sweet, grinning circles. It was magic.

My boy played jazz piano for the first time in concert! He soloed on every song, along with the other kids in his beginning Jazz Band (the only band where he doesn't play drums). I wanted to post him playing here, but you'd be listening for about 10 seconds, the solos were that short. Next time maybe they'll stretch further. After all, they are just testing their wings right now.

But I got a video of my boy playing drums in his Jazz Combo. Trading 4's, as they call it, with the rest of the band.

It's just beautiful. And he's beautiful. And I'm proud.

Guess what we're doing tomorrow?

Another concert! My boy playing drums.  And maybe some more dancing on the grass…


  1. Thank you for sharing the video! I love to see the talents that abound in families I feel like I know! My Grace would have so much fun playing with him....

    He did an amazing job. Please post more performances. This brought a smile to my face as I drink my coffee and update my blog.

  2. That is cool, dude. Your kids are cool.

  3. Such talent! I'm sure you must be so proud. What a fantastic opportunity for him - and his friends. Wonderful!!!

  4. I loved seeing this!! I know you are so proud of him. I wish Kei and I were there to hold hands and dance with you both.

    Happy Happy Days!!!

  5. Wow - I loved that! I love that he has such passion and wants to do something that he obviously loves. Yay to more drums, concerts and dancing.

  6. Big smiles. I love it when people are shining their light.

  7. I am so glad you shared that video, I would have been up for the 10 second one, too! I can't wait to show this to my older son tomorrow (he's already asleep), because he just started the electic guitar and hasn't ever seen a band with young men playing! So exciting for you!!! So enjoyable.

  8. Amazing! I love it when my kids know what they love and really pursue it.

  9. Love the video! They are really feelin' the jazz! Impressive musicianship! I enjoyed it so much I was sorry when it was over.


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