Thursday, July 15, 2010

a vision splendid

So my son became an entrepeneur last weekend. Big word, small boy…enormous ideas.

He's going to try and earn over $300 to buy an archery set. Bow, arrows, finger guard thingy, quiver, something called a sight, and other bits and pieces. These things cost a LOT (which perhaps I could have thought of two years ago when he began his archery dream—I could have steered him towards an inexpensive passion, like building card houses, or collecting leaves).

When he first mentioned he wanted the archery set, I said, "Well, you could let everyone in the family know that's what you want, and ask for it for Christmas."

Then I thought some more. I said, "Or..... you could try and earn the money yourself?"

Super exciting idea, Mum! We began brainstorming. What could he do? There were the ordinary things like washing the car, doing special jobs around the house. But none of these would earn the big bucks any time soon. We had to think Bigger.

So we thought of his special talents. And my son instantly thought of his comics. His new passion is writing comic strips and he's done 11 whole strips already. They're actually really funny— his characters are two somewhat cynical, lazy (and mistake-ridden) roommates who spend a lot of time just sitting around talking, a bit like Seinfeld.

I like the comics a lot, and think they're good, and to prove this wasn't just me wearing Mummy-Goggles, I had them independently tested (in other words my son showed them to some people) and the verdict is: They're Great.

Anyway. We made them into little books last weekend, and printed out 50 copies. He's going to sell them. He's going to sell them all! He's sold 5 already and made $10 whole dollars! He's so close to his target he can almost taste it…… !

I love this kid. I love his ideas and his enthusiasm. I love that he believes in himself so much. I love his gorgeous confidence and optimism.

We're going to have a "Sweet and Funny" stall soon, set up at the music school where my husband teaches, and my son is going to sell comics and home-made brownies. I think there's no way he'll fail.

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  1. Please, I wish to place an order for 2 comic books, and if autographed by the author, will pay double.


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