Saturday, April 14, 2012

the whirl and the wait

We're in a bit of limbo right now,

with a husband about to leave for a long trip overseas,
on a big band tour he has organised pretty much singlehandedly. (Yes, he is amazing)

And his busy-ness, his leaving the house at 4am to finalise details, and all the last minute hiccups and bits,
sits with the months of planning and fundraising and suddenly,
this about-to-leave time feels full, like a weight

As he works tirelessly and prepares for hours, I am,
quietly, simply,
waiting for him to leave.

Which must seem a strange thing to say!

But what I mean is,
I don't want to add my own Busy to all that energy. I've tried that, and it doesn't work out for me.

Instead, these days, when the world starts to whirl a bit too fast,
I slow right down, so I don't spin into someone else's wind.
So I don't pick up the Busy as though it's my own, and try to carry it.

This last week before the trip, then, has been filled with simple. With reading. Cleaning the pantry. Writing a recipe for my vegan blog. Taking the train to the iceream/sorbet shop. Beach visits, and the dog resting his head on my knee as I watch the waves. 

It's been marked with noticing all the 
small, good things 
as time twirls by.

And they have been beautiful


  1. I need me some of that warm stuff. Hoping you're doing well, Helena.

    1. Thanks, Tracey! I am doing mostly well (which is better than un-mostly, or mostly unwell, don't you think?) Thanks so much for your thoughts and support :)

  2. Beautiful moments. I know your husband will have a lovely trip and that you and your sweet kids will miss him. Maybe now is the time to get an iPhone...FACE TIME is awesome. :)

    Love all the pictures Helena. Love YOU!

    1. Oh, an iPhone would be perfect, Karen! We've set up Skype. Thank goodness for that—2 weeks of no FaceTime would be HARD. Aren't we spoiled in the 21st Century??? I remember being 24, backpacking through Europe by myself and calling home once every 2 weeks. My poor mom!

      I've been coveting the iPad you guys use, too. All those apps. All that fun… ah…one day!

      Love you TOO :)

  3. I'm hoping you'll be OK with your man gone for a while :-) Loved your photos (and your dog!) and your words. iPads and iPhones are da bomb!!

  4. Love the photos! I think it is very wise to not allow yourself to get sucked into the whirl of busy and to just relax for now.

    I envy Karen and Keilee the iPad too...we do have iPhones and love them :)

  5. I am so glad to see that you are well and enjoying that gorgeous late summer weather. Your words should be a mantra to us all "don't spin into someone else's wind." I am going to reflect on that for awhile. I have been getting caught in the tailwind of other people's lives and it is not good. Thank you.


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