Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm sick.

lie in bed all day kind of sick. Where you cough lots, find it hard to sit up, you nurse a super sore throat, sleep lots, have your husband come home to hang with the kids for a few hours, and have your lunch brought to you in bed by a sweet boy. The kind of sick day you could maybe enjoy,

except for the fact you feel so sick.

I have no idea really what the kids have done today. Other than

make me a sweet get well card/box,

A home-made pill box,
where each pill-looking thing was part of a get-well message written on little scrolls.

play on the computer, create a paper airplane with a feather attached to see how it flies, practice music, go to band, talk, help, write stories, watch a movie,

and read and read and read.

Really, almost nothing, right? :)

On a sick day, when everything hurts, when you can't keep your kids entertained, help them with their projects or get them to places they need to be, and when you can't even look after them, your mind goes to Worry easily. You think—does this count? As a learning day? Am I a good homeschooling mum? Am I failing? Should they be at school? Etc etc and Ugh.

Those are the sounds a sick Me makes. But the sounds a sick person makes aren't reliable. Neither is the Worry we swing to when our guard is down.

Whereas the Happy my kids feel, the kindness they show, the contentment shining out

are all real.

I know it even through the fog.

And a sick day had cats in it. Keeping close. Keeping company. Which I thought was nice.



  1. Sorry you're feeling sick. :( Life is rough when Mama is sick. But you have children who love you (and make you super sweet projects), a fabulous husband who comes home to hang, and cats who are nearby. Life is indeed good. Forget the Worry and take comfort in the Happy. (And rest up! Feel better soon!)

  2. Damn - where are the casual natural learning teachers when need them??? The kids are good - they are still learning and loving. Hope you feel better soon - you did the right thing having a day off :-)

  3. I am so sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope you feel lots better soon! Of course the day "counts" all counts!! Learning happens ALL the time :)

  4. Ohhh... Sorry you feel icky! That pill box was pretty freakin cute, though. And you wouldn't have gotten that had you not been sick, so there's a silver lining, right?

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. I think your kids are fairly self motivated enough that that you do not have to worry whether or not they are learning. I do know how you feel though. After the past few weeks here I honestly am once again considering the school option. I lost ALL motivation not just a little. I think being sick just does that to you. :-( Feel better lovely, relax and heal. Your kiddos will keep things running for you. hugs xoxoxox

  6. I hope you feel well and good soon, Helena. I have no doubts that your wonderful children are learning and enjoying their lives. How nice that they are big enough to care for themselves...and even for you!

  7. Sending you healing vibes Helena!!! And don't worry about your amazing children, if anyone can trust their children to still learn while doing nothing (which I doubt they are doing nothing), it's you. And even if they have a day off, well that would be just fine too :).
    take care, rest well friend...
    xx oo

  8. Sorry you were feeling sick. Hope you are all better now. Sounds like a great day for your kiddos to me. I am with Susan..learning happens ALL the time.


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