Friday, December 3, 2010

Showing and Telling

It's Show and Tell time today!

My girl has been sewing dragons.

Her first was yellow, stitched all by herself! Here he is:

His name is Sunpatch. Yummy, no?

The next dragon (which is almost finished!)
is red.
The new model has a movable head and tail.
It even has an eye patch! An eye patch, which lifts up.
And has little, carefully sewn-on feet.
It's gorgeous.
I can't wait for you to meet her, or him.

My boy has been reading about the world.

Specifically, he's been reading The Book of General Ignorance cover to cover.

He's read about topics such as "What colour was the sky in ancient Greece?" and
"What do dolphins drink?"
Every answer is not what you'd expect!

He is captivated.

We went to our local library this morning
to pick up books for our trip.

There was a new display on the wall.
We love it when they change the wall display. Of course I pore over every detail.

This display had cats and bells! It was lovely.


I ran the second last Writers Workshop for the year.

We talked about adjectives and I sang the praises of the Thesaurus
and I had the kids imagine how they'd feel after a pie fight and then
we all decided that a pie fight on the very last workshop would be AWESOME
and there was a LOT of cheering.
But then we came to our senses and decided we'd have a water fight instead.
And a pie eating party.

I love Writers Workshop…

And my girl brought her dragon
to meet her friends
and to play with her friends' soft and cuddly companions

Isn't it beautiful, where we do writer's workshop?
We are lucky, lucky, lucky.


with his team,
"Project Bucephalus."

They've been preparing for this for three months,
designing robots, completing all sorts of challenges,
learning to work as a team,
creating a presentation,
coming up with solutions,
designing posters and banners,
working working working.

They have been amazing
(as have the helper grownups involved!).

Tomorrow is the culmination of all that.

There's a fairly large competitive aspect to tomorrow's tournament
which my boy
isn't so sure about…

but to my mind, that is the smallest part of the journey.

In my mind, the challenges have all been
and my boy and his team-mates
should be proud.

And then

on Sunday,

we're off on our trip Down Memory Lane,
Into the Wide Blue Yonder,
Up Up and Away,

which means I have to post this,

as the last, sweet part

of my

Show and Tell.

Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Lovely show and tell! That is one AWESOME dragon! I love dragons! Your writers workshop sounds like fun and yes it does look beautiful there. I wish my boys liked to write, they however find it most horrible! LOL! Once when I suggested Zak write a poem, he replied "Why? I don't plan to be a poet!"

  2. Helena
    say please to your girl that I love the dragon she made ... really really amazing ... and the book your boy is reading looks so interesting I wish I could read it now just now :)
    have very safe and enjoyable travels ... and I hope you can blog while traveling :)

  3. oh yes
    and I forgot to write
    how lucky lucky lucky - for the writing workshops and art classes too :))
    yay !

  4. I love the dragon! Kei and I were at WalMart yesterday and she saw felt and said, "Lets buy some so I can make owls like your friend in Australia!". We were in a hurry but after seeing the dragon, felt is definitely in our future.

    I will have to check out the book your boy is reading. We love facts and information. There is so much wrong info out there, especially history!

    I am sitting here imagining you soaring above the beautiful waters, to a magical destination full of gorgeous sights. You will be making a memory that will last forever. Enjoy Helena..let go and enjoy. Hugs and <3

  5. Oh, thank you, everyone! Those are such lovely comments. And Karen, thank you for that image. It's beautiful. I'll hold it close (while also letting go!).

  6. Helena, just popping in to let you know you have been on my mind this week. I hope your trip is just going marvelously! Can't wait to read all about it. Hugs~


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