Saturday, December 25, 2010

a good day

It's a good day that has home-made foxes in it…

and other sweet, hand-crafted gifts—
made and given with love.

It's a good day that has

gluten-free pancakes with yoghurt and strawberries in it…

(not to mention baked potatoes and
fruit salad with mangoes and pineapple for lunch
and vegetarian lasagne for dinner…
did we ever stop eating?)

It's a great day that has a beach visit in it…

with laughing boogie boarders and contemplative little girls…

not to mention sandcastle cats!

It's a wonderful day that has
this many hugs in it
and this much laughter
and excitement
and togetherness
and joy.

I hope you had a good,
fine day

filled inside and out,
with love.


  1. Dear Helena
    how good to read about your day ...
    many blessings from me to you and all yours ..

  2. What a lovely day! I love the fox and the drawings. A beach visit on Christmas? What a lucky family you are. Happy Holidays.

  3. Just wanted to let you know Kei said, "Of course I would read her blog, I would love to". :) Kei's is here. She is very bad at updating it though.

  4. Oh that is one awasome fox! I was surprised to find a snowman in my gift pile. Lovingly made and hidden from me till the big day! So sweet! Hugs and smoochies lovely! May your days be blessed with LOVE, PEACE and happiness! xoxoxo

  5. Oh that was supposed to say AWESOME!!!! Me thinks it is past my bedtime! LOL

  6. We LOVE your writing
    We LOVE your writing
    and one more thing......
    We LOVE your writing

  7. P.S. Helena, The previous comment was posted by Kate Purdon and Mia Whitehall. I have introduced them to your lovely site. Rose Purdon.


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