Friday, December 31, 2010

an end and a beginning

Things we saw

on the last days of the year:

dolphins and crabs,

big roos and little roos,

a gorgeous river,





(so many classics here!
Dog on a trampoline. Gum tree. Hills Hoist clothesline.
Surfboard against the fence.
And a roo mum with her big baby. I love this country)


a boy and his father,



These last two pictures

make me think of

what it takes to leap…

the hope you need…

(and the leaping because of it)

the fear you feel…

(and the


despite it).

And I am

thankful for this past year



for the coming year.

Excited and nervous,

both in equal parts…!

Which is how every good adventurer should feel

as they embark upon any journey…

shouldn't they?

Thank you, and farewell, 2010.

Welcome, Now.

It sure is peaceful here

(with the birds singing, cicadas whirring, girl sleeping,
boy reading, and dog snuffling).

Hello, Tomorrow.

I wonder what you will bring?


  1. Kei is just jumping up and down over your kangaroo! She and I have always called each other 'kanga' and 'roo' and she is delighted that you have them in your backyard!!!

    One of my favorite sayings is, "Jump and a net will appear". So jump my friend.

  2. Fantastic. Beautiful. And your description of the day in your earlier posting was just right. I agree. It was all beautiful sharing days by the beach.

  3. Thank you, Karen, as always! I am jumping, yes, jumping, with my heart wide open. :)

    (And I am so glad Kei loved those roos! Wasn't the baby just gorgeous?)

    And thank you, "Chris," who is "Mom" to me—someone dearer than words can say—THANK YOU for those beach days!


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