Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sick is what I am. Tired all through, achey all through, hard-to-keep-eyes-open sick.

I think I've worn myself out. I've been going non-stop, busy busy busy for days now. Not sleeping enough. The kids have even said, "Mum! You've got to get more sleep!"

In the past four days I've written a resume for a job running Creative Writing Workshops (yes, more workshops! Can't get enough). I returned lots and lots of email and wrote one long one—wrangled with it for three hours in the pre-dawn before I called it done (and I have yet to send it. Waiting to see in my heart if I should). Spent days (it seems!) listening to music. Played and laughed and talked with my kids and with friends. Stayed up watching movies with my husband. Went to see Rio in 3D (my girl's first time). Hiked up a mountain to a waterfall in the cold without a jacket. Wrote an article about homeschooling (that should get published soon!). Couldn't sleep, worrying over the words of my article, because I wanted it to not just be good, but to SHINE. Stayed up. Stayed up. Stayed up.

At 4pm yesterday, my Tired got so big I put myself to bed. I've been in bed, sleeping mostly, for almost 24 straight hours.

I suppose that's a sign I should slow down?

But there are all these things to do! So much, so much.

I will get to them, soon. But right now, I'm going back to bed.

Hoping you all are well and wonderful out there, in your own busy worlds, finding time to rest, finding time for slow and still and good.



  1. Sending healing loving thoughts to you dear lady.

  2. Yes, it does sound like bed is a good place for you right now. So enjoy your down time, and get well. I am a big fan of sleep, and slow.

    Oh, and I am looking forward to reading the homeschooling article:)

  3. Where is it being published? Please post the link when it is available! I find that I spend so much time paying attention to my children's needs that I sometimes forget my own. Our bodies tell us when they have had enough don't they? So listen to it, rest, and get well!

  4. Thanks, T_Y! Your thoughts are very welcome here.

    Andrea, thank you! Bed would be nice but the kids won't/can't sleep, have been tossing, moaning, stirring for two hours. I can't fix it for them (I've tried), so am downstairs, waiting for the insomnia gremlins to leave my house.

    Jessica, it'll be published in a magazine here in the area. I wonder if it'll be available online? I'll look into it. It's so utterly pro-homeschooling I keep thinking the editor will have a change of heart and say, politely, Oh, Helena, it's not quite what we were looking for :) But that's the Worry talking; it's always loudest when I'm not sleeping quite enough. When the gremlins have gone I'll rest and rest some more. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Off to bed! Busy busy busy...

  6. Hope you are feeling a little better today lovely! I also sent you a bit of healing last night. Seems to be the weather for everyone dropping with sickness lately.

    I am sure your writing will shine as always. Stop judging yourself. You are a brilliant writer.

    Much love, hugs and smoochies xoxoxox GET WELL!!!

  7. Insomnia seems to hit me after or during big bouts of creative whirlwind energy. It seems to be cyclical and go months before coming back around sometimes. Hopefully you will feel well soon if you give your body the break it's calling for. I'd also Love to read your article. How exciting!

    wishing you wellness,

  8. Wishing you restful days. Ok I love the sound of the hike. I really want to find a waterfall and stand behind it. Like in the movies? :)

    I want to read the article too. Of course it is pro homeschooling!! I mean, is there anything better?

    I also want to 'chat' with you about a couple of things when you are more rested. Email me! kakeiatbellsouthdotnet

    Hugs friend :)


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