Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why the sun

This blog is wildly, relentlessly positive: it means to be.

It won't let in dark and it won't let in sad and if now and then I feel hollow, the sorrow is flipped upside down with flowers and a photo of a child in a tree.

There's a reason, you see.

A liftetime ago, a year ago and yesterday, I suffered from depression. I had the Real Deal, the kind where you have to see doctors, get pills, talk to counsellors, and remind yourself to keep alive. I probably had it from adolescence, this illness, but it came and swallowed me after I had my son ten years ago. I could not sleep for worry; I could barely think sideways let alone straight. I had to scrabble my way out of the darkest hole—time and time again I thought it might claim me.

It took years to find my way out.

Each year is easier, smoother. And since I started homeschooling I feel joy so often because I am finally following my heart. I am with loving, laughing children every day and I get to find my true Mother self. I am lucky. I am blessed.

But I don't get complacent. Sometimes I think I'm only ever just one step out, trying not to look back.

People are amazed to hear I have had depression. That sometimes I still have tough days or weeks. They say, But you're so happy! So relaxed, so calm. It is curious, I know. I don't get it sometimes, either.

I absolutely couldn't understand it when I first faced it, ten years ago. I couldn't figure out how I could have so much, so many gifts—a loving husband, beautiful child, my health, a roof over my head—and still be swallowed by sadness. It took me a long time to understand, that this is how an illness works. It comes and tries to claim you. All you can do, is gather what you can to fight it.


I gather sunshine. I gather joy.

I gather photographs and laughter.

I gather my children about me.

I gather my dreams and the things that are truest.

I gather good, strong words.

I gather lovely friends, loving family.

I gather care.

I gather bushwalks, the sweeping ocean, great gobs of beauty.

I gather small, sweet moments.

I gather kindness. Respect. Patience.

I gather love.

Sad comes, you can't always avoid it. I let it in just enough so it won't bang the door down later. But I don't let it stay. I won't give it room to take hold.

Sometimes sad wants to stick—mess with me, my children. I grit my teeth and I shove it out.

And I go back to gathering joy.

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  1. I've just come over to your blog from The Rockpool and I'm so glad I did! This post is awesome- very inspirational.


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