Monday, July 26, 2010

me too

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Look what I just committed to!

The Sketchbook Project
aka "a Concert Tour for Books"

You sign up to participate, pay a bit of money,
and they send you your very own sketchbook.

You fill it with drawings/ideas/art/things that matter to you,
send it back to America and it goes on a Grand Tour of the country
with all these other sketchbooks,
by all these other creative spirits,
to be held and read and absorbed.

You will get to see works on-line too, share ideas.
It's a huge, international co-operative art project.

How wonderful!
I'm in.
And I'm already thinking of what I'll put in my sketchbook
when it comes in the post.

So anyway…

I talked about the Project with the kids tonight at dinner.
They got so excited.
They asked lots and lots of questions.
They thought I'd got them a book too.
I said, Ah. I didn't get you a book.


I said, How about when my book comes,
we'll go to the shop and get one for each of you just like it?
Then you can do a sketchbook too. We'll do it together.
And you won't have to send yours off; you'll get to keep yours.

said my girl.

But I want to send mine off too.
I want other people to see it.

My girl. Who breathes, sleeps, eats, lives art. Creates constantly.
Who can seem so quiet, so shy and yet,
comes alive with her friends and the people she trusts.
Creates and laughs and
shares herself with the people she loves.

She wants to send her art out into that big wide world

and is not afraid.

That is beautiful.

(my girl and friend in art class)

And yes.
Of course I'll sign them up too.


  1. Hooray! What a cool project. Hopefully you'll post some of the art here, too.

  2. Yeah for my creative family. Now I want one too!


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