Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sometimes it's just nice…

Sometimes it's nice just to take a walk, you know?

And say hello to the trees.

It's nice to find wombat holes tucked into glades…

and see that the sky is an uninterrupted blue.

It's nice to look over water with sun glinting off it…

and find mushrooms as big as your hand! 

It's nice to stand by beautiful things…

and notice the wild, reaching…

and see a boy,
in his Element.

It's nice to run…

and dig…

and walk by water…

and jump into holes left just for you.

It's nice to notice

the colour of clouds…

to sit
in the moment your porridge is done

and listen to the simple tick
of the clock
and your own, quiet breathing.

It's so nice to take time
to be together,

to take note…

isn't it?

And so very nice 
to smile!



  1. Oh yes. It is nice, isn't it? Lovely post!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. It sure is. Have a happy week filled with more smiles xxxx

  3. It is so beautiful where you live. It's beautiful where I live, too, but very different. It's awesome and amazing that there can be so many different beautiful places.

  4. I love days like this. :) Just beautiful.

  5. Oh Helena how beautiful. I love the beach pictures. You are so lucky to live near the ocean! That mushroom! That tree! And to see your boy juggling just makes me smile so big! Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  6. Stopping by after not checking in for a while (life's a bit too busy since number three joined us!).... And what a lovely post to read. So pleased to feel your happiness through these images and words Helena!


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