Thursday, January 3, 2013

a date!

I'm going on a date tonight with my beautiful girl!

We're going up to the Big Smoke

tourism australia

and into this famous House
where we will sit in this famous room


to hear gorgeous music being played by these two beautiful women
(aka: the group known as First Aid Kit).

On our date there'll also be sorbet eating (dairy-free and scrumptious!), book browsing, view watching, bus taking, lots of walking, and much talk talk talking.

Ah…I can't wait!

as promised…
pictures of cats will turn up more frequently in this blog
along with pictures of my beautiful kids (of course), and my husband,
who is crazy and sweet and mine.


Thanks so much for the lovely wishes about my last/first post!

It's wonderful to find you here :)

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  1. No Way! WE love love love love love love First Aid Kit. Jeallybobs!


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