Thursday, February 24, 2011


Pottery class was at our house today!

An unexpected treat,

to share our space (which luckily had just been tidied)

with sweet, creative people

(and, of course, our sleepy dog…!).

Today was tile work,

so we learned about relief tiles

and we learned about tesselation (though it wasn't called that)

and we learned to measure our tiles so they could be the same size
(handy for when you're laying different ones side by side on whatever wall strikes your fancy :) )

and we learned about cutting away or adding on clay and creating patterns

and we learned,


how lovely it is to make something from a simple ball of living earth.

Such as

cat tile
(and I wonder who would've made that? :) )

an elephant under a crescent moon tile

and swirls and more swirls…

Meanwhile, the cat watched through the window and dreamed…

and a garden crown was made…

and two car-loving boys,

one ten and one three,

who had only met a few weeks ago,

talked and laughed and shared




(my boy and his friend driving cars on the trampoline)

This photo feels magical to me.

It represents 

so much beauty,

the beauty of kids being kids,

pure and free and let BE.

It reflects 

the joy of homeschooling 

(and why I sometimes love it so much I could burst).

And it

simply made me


all the way

through to my bones.

Which is a good, fine thing,

don't you think? 


  1. Wow - I'd love to have something like this for us. Such a relaxed, creative way to learn and share time with friends. It looks like a divine time was had by all!

  2. I love the swirls! Were those yours?

    That looks like a happy day...when are you going to move in next door to me?


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