Sunday, August 29, 2010

why I

I've been thinking a lot recently about why I keep this blog. I am sure plenty of people out there have the same thought—why write here when all around, all around, are writing too?

Who is listening? What do I have to say that matters enough to present it here?

Who am I to presume so large and so boldly?

I am a single drop, tiny amongst the others,

drop against drop against drop.

Which makes me small and large at once.

Together, we form a body of sweet water which combined, are our drops connected, and separately are our thoughts, dreams, accomplishments and sometimes, our fears.

I am a drop connected. With or without anyone watching,

here in my own pocket of space, I know I am


No matter how small my thoughts, I am connected.

No matter how small I might feel or afraid, or

empowered or


—like the sea or like sunlight—

I am connected.

Which is why I write. Why I write here.

I write about homeschooling but I am more than a homeschooler. I write about writing, but I am more than a writer. I post photographs but I am more than a photographer. I write about my children but I am more than a mother. I write about my depression but I am

so much more than that.

And I write about the joy.

I should mention that I write about the joy!

I find it.

Am so grateful when it comes.

I write it down, I mark it with a smile.

And, now that I think about it,

I am, in fact, no more than this.

The joy,

the parts that make it


the parts that stand beside it.

Even as hard as those parts are.

To these parts and particles, my words bear witness.


Here I am and here

we are.

All our drops connected and separate.

All our tiny particles shining inside.


  1. We are connected-


    we like to be heard
    we like listen
    we like to see
    we like to support

    one another


  2. I commented here yesterday but in my ditziness, forgot to post it :) What I said was...
    Beautiful - you have a gift for capturing in words our vulnerabilities as human beings.

  3. So well said.
    I'm glad you write.

  4. Something of your work--your writing, your self, your wise perceptiveness-- draws me back to your blog often. Your writing helps me feel the connection, to myself. Thank you.

  5. So beautiful. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it.


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